CSN is involved in a number of industry projects in order to lead the profession towards positive change and growth.

The Cadastre 2034 Project
The Cadastre 2034 document, which was endorsed by the Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM), articulates the vision for the digitalisation of the Cadastre and has been widely adopted across Australia.  The core of this vision is to ultimately create a federal cadastral system, based on common standards, which would have a digital representation. This digital Cadastre would be survey accurate, 3-dimensional and dynamic.  

CSN is actively participating in working groups which are in place to create a road map for this digital cadastre system. One such group in NSW has been formed by Land and Property Information (LPI) and CSN has representation in this working group. As this Cadastre digitisation concept advances in other states, CSN will become actively involved in further state groups and discussions.

Review of LandXML ePlan
In late 2014, CSN sought feedback from members regarding their experiences with LandXML ePlan in an attempt to understand any overall issues or concerns the Surveying profession has with this system.  Based on this feedback from members, CSN hosted a LandXML ePlan review and development meeting, which involved key industry and government stakeholders from NSW and Victoria.  Issues were raised and commitments were made to address concerns, with CSN continuing to act as a liaison between industry and key LandXML ePlan representatives, ensuring the development of an effective LandXML ePlan system.

Launch of GNSS in Schools
CSN is involved in industry projects on all levels. The Association was represented in July 2015 at the Launch of GNSS in Schools by Tamworth Surveyor, Mitchel Hanlon.  He was joined by Northern Northern
Tablelands MP Adam Marshall, who welcomed the installation of a new Corsnet aerial at the TAS school Campus in Armidale. CORSnet-NSW is a network of permanent Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) tracking stations which improve the accuracy of satellite positioning for users in NSW. This system, owned and operated by the NSW State Government, allows the use of high-end satellite position systems for the surveying, construction and agricultural sectors.

Surveyors undertaking land boundary definition as well as construction and infrastructure surveys benefit from the increased accuracy and convenience of the system.

This installation forms part of the larger Geoscience Australia GNSS program, which is also seeking to foster interest and broaden the knowledge of high school students in the area of surveying and spatial information.

The insightful comment of the day came from MP Adam Marshall, who stated “Without surveyors, development stops. We need surveyors like Mitch so our region can continue to grow and provide job opportunities. This is an exciting time for the students and I hope some of them take up the challenge”.


Below is a photo of MP Adam Marshall with Mitchel Hanlon and students from TAS school: