CSN Newsletters

The Association publishes a comprehensive bi-annual newsletter containing the latest industry news and information. It also includes relevant national legislation changes.

Copies of the CSN Newsletters are below:



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Industrial Award Information

Consulting Surveyors National keeps abreast of any changes to industrial awards that apply to the Surveying Profession. There are several that have applications to the industry, but the specific one is the Surveying Award 2010. Members are informed of any relevant award changes through the CSN Member Alerts, which are distributed via email.

This information is also housed in the Member’s area of this site, which can be accessed via a member log in and password.  If you require a copy of your organisation’s log in and password, please contact the CSN office on (02) 9267 9728.

The latest Industrial Report (August 2015), which has been specifically written for CSN Members by the Australian Federation of Employers and Industries (AFEI), includes information on the 4 yearly review of Modern Awards and a Federal Budget Update. This report has been posted in the Member’s area of this site and can be accessed  via your Member Log in on the home page here.    


CSN Membership to AFEI: a bonus for members

Consulting Surveyors National is a member of the Australian Federation of Employers and Industries (AFEI). Through this membership, Consulting Surveyors National can provide tailored and personalised advice on a number of different areas.

AFEI is an independent peak employers group, with its main purpose being to advise, represent and assist employers – helping them meet their workplace regulation obligations. It assists with human resources management, provides WHS training and, importantly, seeks appropriate regulation from government. AFEI also has an in-house legal team.

Members have access to this important resource for their organisation via the Consulting Surveyors National office on (02) 9267 9728.  Ring the office to ask any related workplace regulation questions and an answer will be sourced from AFEI on your behalf. 

ACSIS for Professional Indemnity Insurance

CSN is strongly linked to ACSIS Limited, a company providing professional indemnity insurance within the surveying and spatial information industries. Owned by its members, who are mainly within the surveying and spatial information industries, ACSIS Ltd is an Australian-based professional association.

ACSIS Ltd (originally known as the Australian Consulting Surveyors Insurance Society) has now been operative for almost 30 years.

During its years of operation ACSIS Ltd has created a stable environment for PI Insurance and policy conditions that are the envy of many other professions.

Visit the ACSIS website at for further information and this service.