Organisational Objectives


CSN will represent you at a national level where individual states cannot.  It will represent you as Surveyors – not some hybrid mix of other names.


Its objectives are as follows:


  1. to consider issues affecting the interests and image of Consulting Surveyors and Allied Professions and initiate, watch over and, if necessary, petition any Government Agency on issues affecting Consulting Surveyors and Allied Professionals;
  2. to promote and encourage the highest possible standards of professional conduct in accordance with the best practice of Consulting Surveyors and Allied Professionals or other consultants whose practice is deemed by the Board in its absolute discretion to be kindred to the Consulting Surveyors and Allied Professionals;
  3. to undertake everything in its power to ensure that each Consulting Surveyor and Allied Professional, and in particular each practitioner who is a Member, conducts themselves and their practice in accordance with the law, and at all times renders faithful service to their clients in a fair and just manner;
  4. to take from time to time such disciplinary action as the Board considers necessary or desirable, and within its power, to protect the interests of the Company and its Members; and
  5. to apply money for any charitable or educational or benevolent purpose, consistent with promoting Consulting Surveyors and Allied Profesionals in Australia.


Remember the strength of our economy is underpinned by a system that relies on the integrity and skill of Surveyors, without Surveyors Australia’s development stops.



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